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Cartoon Network Animator and “Zorak” Voice – C. Martin Croker (1962-2016)

Clay Martin Croker, veteran animator and voice artist for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, passed away suddenly Saturday September 17, 2016 at his home in Atlanta. He was 54.

Croker was a mainstay of Cartoon Network since the cable channel’s very beginning in 1993. He did everything from writing to design to animation to voice acting on CN’s original programming like Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He will probably be best known as the voice of Zorak, and for reinventing him as the wiseass alien that eternally heckled Space Ghost at every opportunity.


A lifelong animator, Croker made flip books and home movies and seriously dissected Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, and all the other Hanna-Barbera favorites. After studying at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, he went on to professional work at the Stone Mountain LaserShow and Crawford Communications.

Clay Martin Croker

Clay Martin Croker

Croker began working on Space Ghost Coast to Coast when it was in development as one of Cartoon Network’s first original projects in 1993. He used his affinity as a Hanna-Barbera historian to give the talk show parody authenticity and a savagely wry tone. He said it should take place in outer space and that Space Ghost’s sidekicks (Brak, Zorak, and Moltar) should be his captives. It set off a decade-plus long relationship between Croker and the Space Ghost characters, and laid the foundation for what would eventually become Adult Swim. Croker also did animation and the voices of Steve and Dr. Weird for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, another of the cable channel’s beloved favorites

For DC Comics, Croker wrote stories for Scooby Doo – Where Are You? comics as well as for comic book adaptations of Space Ghost Coast To Coast. He also directed and created new animation for numerous commercials and promos for Cartoon Network.

Croker is survived by his mother, big sister Julie, first wife April Stephens, a brother-in-law, and a nephew.

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  • At least he got to play Zorak one last time in the Cartoon Planet revival a while back…….