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CROWDFUNDING: “Ren & Stimpy” Documentary

It’s been twenty-five years since Ren & Stimpy caused mayhem on Nickelodeon. And unless you’re a hardcore fan, you might still wonder if Ren is the demented chihuahua or the half-witted cat. (Stimpy, for the record, is the blue-nosed cat; Ren the mosquito-looking dog.) The series ‘black comedy, toilet humor, and sexual innuendo’ led to […]

CROWDFUNDING FOCUS: David Hand’s “Animaland” Restoration

David Hale Hand, son of famed Disney director David Dodd Hand (Bambi) has begun a Kickstarter project to fully restore the ten animated Musical Paintbox shorts, and to update and enhance 9 previously restored Animaland cartoons. They were created in 1948 – 1949 by his father, at that time Managing Director of Gaumont British Animation […]

Jan Švankmajer Project On It’s Way To Meeting Goal

Jan Švankmajer’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, raising funds for the production of the legendary Czech director’s final film, Insects, has one more day to go. He’s met his original goal to start the film – but has now stretched the online campaign to pay for all production costs, and they are almost there. After five long […]

CROWDFUNDING SPOTLIGHT: Cinzia Angelini’s “Mila”

Mila, a cg animated short film written and directed by veteran animator Cinzia Angelini, is looking to Indiegogo supporters to help wrap up its production. After five years of commitment, passion and determination with 250 artists volunteering from 25 countries, the film prepares for its last year of production and needs help in raising $60,000. […]