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CROWDFUNDING SPOTLIGHT: Cinzia Angelini’s “Mila”

Mila, a cg animated short film written and directed by veteran animator Cinzia Angelini, is looking to Indiegogo supporters to help wrap up its production. After five years of commitment, passion and determination with 250 artists volunteering from 25 countries, the film prepares for its last year of production and needs help in raising $60,000.

On May 10th, 2016, the project launched on Indiegogo. “We worked hard to prepare a campaign that would give our fans the chance to help the production, the artists, and the #MilaMovement.” says Angelini. “At this point, we need their help to complete the film and draw attention to children trapped in violent conflicts in the many unstable parts of the world today.”

Mila is a timely condemnation of the violence currently on the world stage today. Rather than turn away, the short uses the magic of animation to move people, to remind us all of the humanity at stake and the hope that remains through the eyes of a child.

Contributions from Mila supporters will allow the team to tackle many production expenses that confront them daily. I.e. Hardware, Software, Rendering and Post-production costs. The producers promise a high quality animated film that will deliver the production values and emotional impact no less than that of any film produced at a major animation studio.



Set during World War II, the story is of a little girl named Mila during the bombing of Trento, Italy. It focuses on the collateral damage affecting the civilian population, and especially the children. Based on childhood stories Angelini’s mother and grandmother shared with her; Cinzia says, “the film was inspired by tales of my mother during the War, when she was Mila’s age.”

Mila represents the face of so many children around the world. Children who are every day the indirect victims of war. She represents the children who survived and the children who were lost.

Cinzia began developing Mila back in 2007 on her own, but soon many collegues began to volunteer to help bring her Mila to life. In 2010, production “officially” began with a small group of friends and has now grown into a real family. The Mila Family. They want to prove that ‘cartoons’ can successfully enlighten all age groups on serious, real world issues. Cinzia says, “We hope our film will encourage viewers to discuss the issue of child war victims and take action to prevent it from happening to more children”.

Cinzia Angelini, writer and director of Mila, has worked as an animator and story artist on feature productions for more than twenty years. Her Hollywood career includes work on “Spider-man 2”, “Prince of Egypt”, “Eldorado”, “Bolt”, “Minions” and many more films. For more information about Mila, go to the Indiegogo website.


Jerry Beck

Jerry Beck

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Jerry Beck
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