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HOKEY SMOKES! A June Foray Celebration on September 19th at the Academy

And Now, Here’s Something We Hope You’ll Really Like… On September 19th, 2017, a group of June Foray’s friends will gather to celebrate her life, her career and her all-around wonderfulness. It will be at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater which is housed in the headquarters of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This awesome place is located at 8949 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, CA. There will be cartoons. There will be speeches. There will be rare clips of June speaking and performing.

Would you like to attend? If so, do not dawdle. Send an e-mail right this minute to friendsofjuneforay-at-gmail.com. Let me give you that address one more time: It’s friendsofjuneforay@gmail.com.

Tell us if you will be one or two people. If you have some special connection to June, feel free to mention it but we’re letting in folks who never met the lady and just loved her work. (Two per e-mail is the limit. If you have five people who want to be there, tell two of them to send in their own damned e-mails.)

And please, please read this: Sending in an e-mail does not ensure you a seat as we expect a lot more applications than we have seats. If we think we have room for you, you will receive an e-mail confirmation though perhaps not right away. And if you do receive an e-mail confirmation, understand that we may “oversell” the house so a confirmed R.S.V.P. might not guarantee you admission. This is what happens with free events like this one.

Other stuff you need to know: Doors open at 6:30 PM. The show starts at 7:30. I would get there early if I were you. Complimentary parking is available after 6 PM in the buildings at 8920 Wilshire Blvd. and 9025 Wilshire Blvd. Dress for the occasion is “business casual.” No antlers or squirrel tails, please.

This should be an amazing evening. But then, that’s kind of what an amazing person deserves, right?

(This post was written by Mark Evanier and originally appeared on his News From Me blog – and is reprinted here with his permission)

Jerry Beck

Jerry Beck

Writer, cartoon producer and author of more than 15 books on animation history. A former studio exec with Nickelodeon and Disney; currently on the faculty at both CalArts in Valencia and Woodbury University in Burbank.
Jerry Beck
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