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Heavens to Murgatroyd: Laff-A-Lympics turns 40

September has always heralded the somber end of summer and the inevitable start of the school year. For several generations however, the sad farewell to vacation days and re-emergence of three ring binders came with only one glimmer of light: the beginning of a new Season of Saturday Morning TV. Forty years ago this September, […]

La-La Land Records Releases First-time “Jonny Quest” Soundtrack CD

My friend, entertainment writer, pop-culture historian and film music professor at USC, Jon Burlingame, has alerted me to the limited edition release of the CD soundtrack to the original series of Hanna Barbera’s Jonny Quest (1964). Jon penned the liner notes for the set. “This is the first official, authorized, JQ album,” Jon tells me. […]

Massachusetts’ Norman Rockwell Museum To Present “Hanna-Barbera: The Architects of Saturday Morning”

Before the rise of basic cable, Saturday mornings for many children in America were spent watching cartoons on one of three available television channels. From 1958 through the 1980s, a majority of those cartoons bore the imprint of Hanna-Barbera. Creating scores of popular series such as The Yogi Bear Show, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Jonny […]

Janet Waldo: The Sound of Youthful Joy

We are saddened to learn of the passing of veteran voice actress Janet Waldo. She was 94, cause of death was a brain tumor. Ms. Waldo was a fixture on old-time radio – in particular as the lead in Meet Corlis Archer, and had appeared in bit parts, small roles, and as a B-Western leading […]

Interview: DC’s “Scooby-Doo Apocalypse”

The world started to come to an end today—at least in the first issue of the DC Hanna-Barbera Scooby-Doo Apocalypse comic magazine, which just arrived in stores. It’s not the first time Scooby and his pals were given a different twist (far from it), so I spoke to three of the key creatives behind this […]