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CROWDFUNDING: “Ren & Stimpy” Documentary

It’s been twenty-five years since Ren & Stimpy caused mayhem on Nickelodeon. And unless you’re a hardcore fan, you might still wonder if Ren is the demented chihuahua or the half-witted cat. (Stimpy, for the record, is the blue-nosed cat; Ren the mosquito-looking dog.) The series ‘black comedy, toilet humor, and sexual innuendo’ led to […]

Would a Ren & Stimpy Movie Even Be Worth it?

Plenty of people both old and young (but mainly old!) got really excited about the prospect of a Nicktoons universe film when it was announced back in 2015. In a recent discussion though, series director Bob Camp mentioned that the show will not play a role in the forthcoming film for obvious reasons and also […]