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Beyond The Simpsons: What Animation Assets Disney Will Own by Acquiring Fox

It’s not just The Simpsons, Family Guy or Bob’s Burgers. If the rumored Disney buyout of 20th Century Fox goes through, Disney will end up with a fortified cartoon library that will probably double their animation assets. For starters, they will be acquiring the rights to Crusader Rabbit – the first cartoon series created for […]

Debunking Disney Urban Myths

Walt Disney is a larger-than-life figure, almost mythological in stature like Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill. When I was an official Media Representation for the 100 Years of Magic celebration in 2001 at Walt Disney World, I went through some intensive training to be able to field in a “Disney way” questions from the media […]

Ginni Mack, Disney Ink & Paint Veteran and “Tinkerbell” Model Passes Away

Ginni Mack, a veteran Disney studio ink and paint artist – and the original model for Tinker Bell – has passed away. Disney historian and Mack family friend, Mindy Johnson, has reported that Mack passed on Wednesday August 23rd at age 90. Mack made numerous contributions to the studio – and the classic films they […]