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What Cartoons From Today Will Be Written About in 25 Years?

Entertainment Weekly has published an article reminiscing about the three original Nicktoons that turn 25 this year. It’s a memorable birthday for a trio of revolutionary cartoons, yet it’s an excuse to wonder what cartoons from today (if any) will be given the same treatment in 2041. The period of 1989 to 1991 witnessed radical […]

INTERVIEW: 25 Years Later, Directors Bob Camp and Bill Wray Remember “The Ren & Stimpy Show”

The Ren & Stimpy Show still remains the greatest, and most important, animated television show of all-time. No matter how different they may be, every TV cartoon to come after owes it a debt of thanks. While The Simpsons predated it, Ren & Stimpy is the cartoon that transcended its slot in the Nickelodeon Sunday […]