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Classic Cartoonists Illustrate New Popeye Energy Drink

Popeye the Sailor has been associated with food and beverage products since the 1930’s. His latest endeavor is an energy drink. The artwork on the cans are by veteran Thimble Theatre cartoonists, Doc Winner, Bela Zaboly and Bud Sagendorf. I spoke with the C.E.O. of Popeye Energy Drink, Popeye-fan Jeremy Todd.

Fred Grandinetti: What is Popeye Energy?

Jeremy Todd: Popeye Energy is a healthy alternative energy drink. The character Popeye is nearly 90 years young and has a huge following in the food and beverage industry. With a proprietary blend of 70% NON-GMO juices and B-Vitamins you get an energy drink like no other on the market. There is nothing artificial in Popeye Energy and there never will be.

FG: Why did you choose to use Popeye?

JT: Popeye was chosen as the character to use since embodies health and wellness. He’s also, Strong to the Finish!

FG: How did you become involved with the product?

JT: My friend, Johnny DeLeo and his family encountered Popeye Energy in spring 2013. He shared it with my brother and I, we all came on as brand in the first few months of the company being in business.

FG: Were you a fan of the sailor growing up?

JT: We all grew up watching Popeye cartoons on Saturday mornings and read some of the comics as well.

FG: Do you collect Popeye memorabilia?

JT: I am indeed a collector of the Popeye brand and have been for the last four years. A few favorites are my trading cards, blanket, skateboard, and a can of spinach from 1965. However, I enjoy them all.

Jeremy Todd

FG: How did Popeye Energy get involved with racing?

JT: The Pro and semi-Pro racing industry has always been a passion for us. We have had numerous wins and countless podium finishes with our brand ambassadors. It all came together as we pursued some friendships with those in the industry and those
relationships continue to grow and strengthen.

FG: What are your future plans with Popeye Energy?

JT: The ultimate goal is to continue having fun, while expanding the distribution and flavors for Popeye Energy. We will be launching a new website later this month. Stay tuned for updates on the website launch via our Facebook Page, Popeye Energy. will have a store locator on the site to direct the public on where to buy. At Popeye Energy, we want to breed happiness and to do that, we want to share an amazing product that tastes great and has nothing artificial in it! We want to see Popeye Energy everywhere as well as try and make a difference in the world the best way we know how.

Fred Grandinetti

Fred Grandinetti

Fred Grandinetti is a noted Popeye connoisseur and founding member of the Official Popeye Fan Club. He has written several books on the subject, including: "Popeye: An Illustrated Cultural History" and "Popeye: An Illustrated History of E.C. Segar's Character in Print, Radio, Television, and Film Appearances 1929-1993".
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