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TEASER POSTER: Wes Anderson’s “Isle Of Dogs”

Fox Searchlight has announced the release date and teaser poster for the upcoming stop motion film Isle Of Dogs, directed by Wes Anderson. Isle Of Dogs hits theaters everywhere on April 20th, 2018. Here’s the intriguing poster:

Fox previously released this mysterious image (below) from the film. I don’t know about you – but I can’t wait to see this.

Jerry Beck

Jerry Beck

Writer, cartoon producer and author of more than 15 books on animation history. A former studio exec with Nickelodeon and Disney; currently on the faculty at both CalArts in Valencia and Woodbury University in Burbank.
Jerry Beck
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  • Cameron Ward

    i can’t wait to see this. I WANT to see this. It’s probably my most anticipated animated film of 2018 so far.