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CROWDFUNDING FOCUS: David Hand’s “Animaland” Restoration

David Hale Hand, son of famed Disney director David Dodd Hand (Bambi) has begun a Kickstarter project to fully restore the ten animated Musical Paintbox shorts, and to update and enhance 9 previously restored Animaland cartoons. They were created in 1948 – 1949 by his father, at that time Managing Director of Gaumont British Animation in the UK and are considered historical treasures in the United Kingdom. David Hand Productions has the copyrights through 2027.

David Dodd Hand was an Animator and Director, and best known as Supervising Director of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937) and Bambi (1942). He was also Studio Production Supervisor while he was at the Disney Studios from 1930 – 1944. At Disney Studios, he answered only to Walt Disney. Leaving Disney, he was creator and Managing Director of Gaumont British Animation (GBA), a J. Arthur Rank Studio, where he created the 19 films about which are the focus of this project.

“Many films have been destroyed and lost over time. It is important to restore these and all classic films and preserve the works of the Pioneers of the film industry,” says Hand. “We ask if you will please review the Kickstarter site and our project and hope that you will support us in this worthwhile effort. Please note that in exchange for an Executed Pledge, credit is given and depending on the size of the pledge, digital copies of the restored films.”

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Jerry Beck

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