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EXCLUSIVE CLIP: “Dawn of the Croods” Season 3

Thank you Dreamworks TV Animation and Netflix for this hilarious, exclusive clip from Dawn of the Croods Season 3 – which comes to Netflix this Friday, April 7th. Eep has to act fast as she and her crush get chased by a Big Chikuna! Can she escape in time to finally get her first kiss? Take a peek:

Where we last left The Croods, they had escaped the villainous, be-tailed Brood family – right into a Tyrannaconda’s stomach. In the Season 3 premiere, they must escape and stop the Broods from taking Ahhh! Valley for themselves. After their victory, Grug is appointed leader of Ahhh! Valley, but as history’s first leader, he has a lot to learn about keeping his valley running smoothly – including the best way to defend against enormous super-predators.

The Croods also continue to have run-ins with the Broods, the family’s efforts to defend against them are complicated by Thunk’s burgeoning crush on Blurg Brood. Season 3 also introduces many more historic “firsts” to the Croods’ world, including gossip, golf, and “quicktogramming,” a Croodacious verison of a social network that leads Eep to her future love interest, Guy – even if she doesn’t know it. In the cliffhanger season finale, Grug is forced to go on the lam when he’s accused of stealing food – but the culprit is actually Gurg, his evil doppelgänger. All-new episodes of Dawn of the Croods, coming to Netflix April 7!

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Jerry Beck

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