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FIRST LOOK TRAILER: Dreamworks/Netflix “Spirit Riding Free”

The Oscar-nominated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) introduced the world to a resilient mustang named Spirit, and now it’s inspired a brand new story and setting for Spirit Riding Free, a Netflix original series from DreamWorks Animation Television, debuting exclusively there on May 5th.

Spirit Riding Free follows the heartfelt journey of a gutsy 12-year-old girl named Lucky who befriends a wild mustang whom she aptly names Spirit. With her two best friends (and their horses) by her side, Lucky and her friends push their own limits, “harness the power of friendship and discover what it truly means to be free”. The trailer dropped today – and here it is:

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: When city-turned-country girl Lucky meets a wild mustang named Spirit, she feels an instant connection to the untamable horse. A courageous and natural-born leader, Lucky navigates this new world with her two new best friends, Pru and Abigail by her side. The trio embark on thrilling adventures, find genuine friendship, and discover what it means to be free!

Executive Producer: Aury Wallington (“Sex and the City”, “Heroes”, “Veronica Mars“)
Co-Executive Producer: Jim Schumann (“Robot & Monster”, “Monsters vs. Aliens“)

Amber Frank “Lucky”
Sydney Park “Pru”
Bailey Gambertoglio “Abigail”
Darcy Rose Byrnes “Maricela”
Nolan North “Jim”
Kari Wahlgreen “Aunt Cora”

Jerry Beck

Jerry Beck

Writer, cartoon producer and author of more than 15 books on animation history. A former studio exec with Nickelodeon and Disney; currently on the faculty at both CalArts in Valencia and Woodbury University in Burbank.
Jerry Beck
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