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GLAS Animation Signal Film by Albert Omoss

The 2nd Annual GLAS Animation Festival in Berkeley California is fast approaching (it’s March 2nd-5th, 2017) and competition selections, curated programs, special guests, and the complete festival schedule will soon be announced. In the meantime, the absolutely dazzling 2017 GLAS signal film – directed by Albert Omoss, featuring music by San Diego based duo Pal & Drome – was released today:

Albert Omoss is a director, designer, and computational artist. Fascinated with organized systems from a very young age, Omoss began programming computers when he was 8 years old. Continuing to find beauty in the elegance of logical architectures, Omoss works around the existential motifs of computer simulation. His surrealist blending of organic and inorganic raises questions about human technological progress. His pieces often explore the fragility of the human form, the aesthetic complexity of physical processes, and the relationship between organisms and advanced technologies.

Check out the Glas Animation website for more info on the fest – and festival passes are on sale here.

Jerry Beck

Jerry Beck

Writer, cartoon producer and author of more than 15 books on animation history. A former studio exec with Nickelodeon and Disney; currently on the faculty at both CalArts in Valencia and Woodbury University in Burbank.
Jerry Beck
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