John Lasseter to Introduce “Castle Of Cagliostro” at Fathom Events Screenings September 14th & 19th – Animation Scoop

John Lasseter to Introduce “Castle Of Cagliostro” at Fathom Events Screenings September 14th & 19th

TMS Entertainment USA and ELEVEN ARTS Anime Studio announced the first ever theatrical release of Lupin The Third: The Castle Of Cagliostro, that will be screened nationwide this week on September 14th & 19th through Fathom Events. Tickets can be purchased online by visiting, or at participating theater box offices. The film’s long-time fan, John Lasseter, CCO of Pixar Animation Studios and Disney Toon Studios, will be featured in a promo before the screenings to introduce the film. Here is a preview:

Celebrating the nationwide release in the US, Eleven Arts is giving away 5, 12-month memberships for the major anime streaming service, Crunchyroll. The giveaway tweet is here. Retweet and like to enter!!

Lupin The Third: The Castle Of Cagliostro follows the great thief Arsène Lupin III, who successfully robs a casino – only to discover the money is counterfeit. He heads to the tiny country of Cagliostro, the rumored source of the bills, and attempts to save the runaway Clarisse from Count Cagliostro’s men. Lupin enlists his associates, Jigen and Goemon, and sends his calling to the Count to get Inspector Zenigata, his longtime nemesis, to the castle. After becoming trapped in the dungeon under the castle, Lupin and Zenigata form a pact to escape and foil the Count’s counterfeit operation and save Clarisse from her forced marriage to the Count.

Lupin The 3rd is one of the most recognized animated TV series in Japanese history. It debuted as Manga comic in 1967 and started broadcasting on television in 1971. There are five TV series, totaling 267 episodes, including this newest LUPIN THE 3rd Part 4 (26 x 30-minute episodes), English dubbed version on Adult Swim and English subtitled version on Crunchyroll. There are 26 feature length TV specials, and several theatrical films. The most recent film in theaters in Japan, “GOEMON ISHIKAWA” (2017), focuses on Goemon Ishikawa XIII, a master swordsman whose sword can cut anything.

Jerry Beck

Jerry Beck

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Jerry Beck
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