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The Re-Animated Woody Woodpecker

This is the coolest thing you’ll see today.

Woody Woodpecker must be very popular in Brazil. Animator Ivanildo Soares has just post the payoff to a group project he conceived – bringing 70 South American animators together to re-animate a vintage 1960s Walter Lantz theatrical cartoon with hilarious, eye-popping results.

The original cartoon, The Bird Who Came to Dinner (click here to see it), is a 1961 Paul Smith short in which Woody pretends to be a toy to gain access to a mansion and a free meal, but the plan does not go as expected. Every few seconds, the art and the animator change, creating a unique blend of humor. The soundtrack, however, is still the original English language version.

The project had an initial deadline of one month, but the production ended up taking nineteen months to complete. “Originally each animator had a week to do their scene, ” says director Soares. “The scenes were of an average of 2 seconds, the longest had a maximum of 8. It was complicated to collect the work, being done just for fun, as the animators had to prioritize even their freelance work and social life.”

“Almost everyone was from Brazil, though some gringo friends jumped in. Barbara Oliveira and her companion João Rodrigues, are great Portuguese animator friends! Catalina Torres, super talented Chilean animator, and Lisa Vertudaches from Australia, known for her gifs at LoopdeLoop.”

“If you are interested to know more about the process of the animators, give a look at group gallery on facebook. And to know more the work of each artist involved, the description of the video on youtube has the link for all animators.”

Congratulations to all involved. I love it!


Allan Pilon –
Allan Sanches –
Ananda Radhika –
Anaximandro Santos Martins –
Anderson Lister –
Animaçau –
Antônio Lilhares –…
Barbara Oliveira –
Beto Gomez –
Bia Leme –
Breno Rohr –
Bruno Sandes –
Catalina Torres –
Cesar Custódio –…
Dalton DaSou –…
Daniel Caetano –
Daniel Veras Burigo –…
Eduardo Bruekers –
Eliana Miyuki –
Felipe L. Bende –
Filipe Mecenas –
Gabriel Gomes –
Gabriel Moura –…
Geovani Angelo –
Gilberto Soares –…
Gui Kirinus –
Ícaro Cruz –
Ivanildo Soares –
Jackson Abacatu –
Jacques Palermo –
Jhonny Bezerra Gomes –
João Rodrigues –….
Julia Brasileiro –
Júnior Soares –
Leonardo Amaral –
Lisa Vertudaches –…
Louis Poague –
Luah Garcia –
Lucas Pelegrinetti –
Luciana Yamana –
Luiz F. da Silva –
Maykeon Salvatiera –…
Natália Faria –
Natalia Keiza –…
Natalia Zangarine –…
Nathália Takeyama –
Pablo Max –
Paola Hiroki –
Paulo Stoker –
Pedro Eboli –
Pedro Magalhães –
Pedro Miranda Filho –
Rafael Dourado –
Rafael Machado –…
Rafael Rosa –
Robson Menezes –
Rodrigo Estravini –
Rodrigo Ferreira –
Rodrigo Makoto –
Rodrigo Veras –
Rubens Caetano –
Sergio Filho –
Sniffs Cartoon –
Stephanie de Oliveira –
Thiago Soares –
Tiago Kogi –
Victor Oliveira –
Victor S. Crispim –
Vinicius Torres –
Will Fernandes –
Yuri Custódio –…

(Thanks to Chase Pritchard)

Jerry Beck

Jerry Beck

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Jerry Beck
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  • You mean Pink Komkommer? Yeah I know that!

  • I knew it was something like that! I think it was in one of those Mike & Spike Animation Anthologies in the 90s #toolazytogoogle

  • Alexandre Soares

    Woody Woodpecker is absolutely beloved in Brazil! It’s a generational taste here, from fathers to sons! 🙂

  • I think it was one volume 1 of their “Sick & Twisted” tape but I could be wrong.

  • Nope, you’re right. It’s there.

  • Katagiri

    You wouldn’t believe how popular it is in Brazil.

  • I remember some Tumblr guys doing a similar thing with the “Mama Luigi” episode of Super Mario World.