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Original Animated Films Aren’t Dead After All!

FOX is doubling-down on animated films, but the really interesting part is that many of those proposed are original adaptations of books! Such news is stunning for its notability if not for the regrettable nature for it being so. The feature segment of the animation industry has had a bad case of sequalitis for a […]

Tonko House and 20th Century Fox Animation Developing “Dam Keeper” Feature

Tonko House and 20th Century Fox Animation announced today that they are partnering to develop a feature film based on The Dam Keeper, the 2015 Academy Award-nominated animated short written and directed by Tonko House founders Robert Kondo and Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi. Kondo and Tsutsumi, former art directors at Pixar (Toy Story 3, Monster’s University, […]