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La-La Land Records Releases First-time “Jonny Quest” Soundtrack CD

My friend, entertainment writer, pop-culture historian and film music professor at USC, Jon Burlingame, has alerted me to the limited edition release of the CD soundtrack to the original series of Hanna Barbera’s Jonny Quest (1964). Jon penned the liner notes for the set.

“This is the first official, authorized, JQ album,” Jon tells me. “I’m especially proud of the fact that my notes tell the previously unknown backstory about Hoyt Curtin quitting Hanna-Barbera halfway through production and Ted Nichols coming in to write the rest of this now iconic music. Nobody really knew that before now. People just assume that Hoyt wrote it all.”


“The thrilling music, by veteran H-B composer Curtin and newcomer Nichols, remains an indelible part of our collective childhoods,” says Burlingame. “In addition to chronicling the saga for La-La Land’s 2-CD set — its first official release, in spectacular sound — I served as album consultant, having done the research (including tracking down cue titles, recording dates and musicians’ rosters) some years back.”

Requested by fans for decades, the groundbreaking original music from one of the most beloved 60’s animated shows finally makes its official debut with this deluxe, knockout 2-CD presentation – via La-La Land Records and Warner Bros.

Produced by Lukas Kendall, Taylor White and Nik Ranieri, and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this 2-CD limited release of 3000 units includes bonus tracks and features fascinating, in depth liner notes by film music journalist Jon Burlingame and writer Jeff Bond. The packaging was art directed by Joe Sikoryak. You can order it here. I just did!

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Jerry Beck

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  • HC quit? I never before knew this.
    When did he return? Thanks.

  • Seems to be after production (during the 70s).